Angelina Jolie had serious problems with money

У Анджелины Джоли возникли серьезные проблемы с деньгами
Famous actress Angelina Jolie divorce brad pitt believed that her life will become more calm and she will be able to continue directing the work and political career.

У Анджелины Джоли возникли серьезные проблемы с деньгами

But, of course, left alone, she had to care for six children while Jolie’s expenses exceed her income. The financial problems of the actress was confirmed by the insider.

“It is fundamentally refusing to make commercially successful films, and it’s not the best way affects her Bank account. All her savings eaten by expenses on the maintenance of a family, the services of governesses and protection and maintenance of its property,” said the source.

It should be noted that Angelina has three biological children and three adopted, and after the divorce, all the heirs are left with an actress.

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