Angelina Jolie goes to children in Africa

Анджелина Джоли уезжает с детьми в Африку
The actress is grateful to the country that gave her a daughter.

Angelina Jolie with daughter Zaharau


As it became known, in
soon Angelina Jolie with her kids is going to go in
Ethiopia. Moreover, they will go there, and to celebrate the anniversary
adoption daughter of actress — Zahara. 12 years ago, in July 2005, she
brought a girl from Africa to his home. This information appeared on the website

Baby Zahara Angelina
first seen in the orphanage in Ethiopia. The baby was so exhausted and
weak, that the doctors seriously doubt that she did survive. Besides
also, as reported by Jolie, the girl gave birth to the woman sick with AIDS, which allegedly
soon died. And, as admitted later Angelina after she adopted
Zahara and took her to his home in America, she waited with dread for the results
blood baby: the actress was almost sure that the girl also infected
a terrible virus. Fortunately, the male miraculously survived. And concerns Jolie
she slowly “fattened” and improve their health.

However, this excitement
associated with Saharas, is not over. It turned out that she is adopted girl on
not really was an orphan, her mother was
alive! And adoption could be considered illegal. Luckily for Jolie, nothing happened,
and the male remained with Angelina. But since then, she streetsa regularly to bring
the girl to her homeland and encouraged her interest in the culture of Ethiopia. The same applies
to other children of the actress: older Maddox she regularly gives the opportunity
to visit his native Cambodia, and Paxom the Tien has repeatedly been in