У Анджелины Джоли могут отобрать старшего ребенка Birth father adopted son of the actress presented him his rights. Angelina Jolie adopted a one year old baby in 2002. Maddox, Shiwan, according to the actress, was an orphan. Now the Hollywood star is facing litigation with the parent of the adopted child.

      Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has not had time to recover after breaking up with husband brad pitt, as the head of the unfortunate woman fell another nuisance.

      According to foreign media reports, the older adopted son, Jolie, 16-year-old Maddox of the North, was a father. 51-year-old Cambodian Maun Sarath filed a parental rights on the already grown child. The man needs to return the boy to him, and probably angelina Jolie will once again be involved in litigation to defend the rights to the boy she raised since 2002.

      The actress and her at the time husband Billy Bob Thornton adopted a Cambodian baby at age one. How, then claimed Angelina Jolie, the mother of the boy died in childbirth and the father were not known. So the adoption of a child was a legitimate procedure.

      After the divorce, Jolie and Thornton Maddox was left to live with a foster mother. However, the boy had an uneasy relationship with the new husband of actress, brad pitt. It was reported that from-for the conflict Maddox pitt Jolie filed for divorce. The last straw was an altercation in the plane of a teenager with brad and Angelina pitt called a terrible father. By the way, Maddox does not consider the actor’s father and does not want to communicate with him.

      According to foreign publications, announced the biological father of the boy Maun Sarath said that he has documents confirming the fact that he is the father of the child. Also, Maun said that he would be happy if Angelina Jolie never showed up in Cambodia.

      By the way, Maddox Civan is not the only actress adopted a child whose parents suddenly turn up. Prayed angelina Jolie be allowed to see my daughter, the mother of Zahara, girl star was taken from Ethiopia to six-month age. Mother daughter Jolie prays for her help

      Then, too, it was alleged that the woman who gave birth the baby died. At the beginning of this year, Mentewab Presses Lebiso gave an interview, admitting that she wants to establish a relationship with the only daughter.

      “I suffer all the time. Every day I think about her and dream about to hear her voice or see her face. I know when Zahara’s birthday, but I’m sad because I can’t celebrate it with her. I want so badly to be with her and in other important days,” said the woman.