Группа «Грибы» устроила внеплановый концерт для столичного бомонда A little over a week ago, the Ukrainian team presented a new video for the song “Melts the ice”, which literally blew up all the music charts in Russia and the CIS. Already more than 11 million people watched video of the performers. Many celebrities visited the speech of the rappers in one of the Moscow clubs this weekend.

      Группа «Грибы» устроила внеплановый концерт для столичного бомонда

      A group of “Mushrooms”, which managed to gain popularity not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, were successful in a Moscow nightclub. The school was filled to bursting, because the musicians came to see the major of the capital’s party people. The video for the song “Melting ice” does not leave anyone indifferent. During the week the celebrities were posted on microblogs of short videos in which the background music was playing “Mushrooms”. Some representatives of the Metropolitan Bohemians have the opportunity to see musicians live and even chat with them.

      “Between us melts the ice”: as the star contracted fashion, “Mushrooms”

      Despite the fact that touring schedule of the band painted a month in advance, they were able to arrange a concert this weekend for the Metropolitan people. The event was attended by many eminent guests: singer Natalya Ionova-Chistyakova, model Elena Perminova, singer Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo and Olga Buzova. The presenter came to the party with a birthday close friend. She also managed to take a photo with some members of the group and take a few selfies. By the way, all those present at the concert shared with followers photos and videos taken during the performance, the rap group.

      It seems the majority of guests were pleased with the event. They noted that they did not expect such a rush. The club even had to close for some time, as viewers proved to be too much. Celebrities didn’t even bother stampede that arose on the dance floor. They are rhythmically moving to the song “Mushrooms”.

      Judging by the video, posted online by users and necoho club was shrouded in haze. Some guests admitted that it slightly spoiled the overall impression, none of the hoods and the air conditioning could not save the situation, and the noise in the hall only aggravate the situation. However, people recognized that the other atmosphere to expect from the “Mushrooms” and not worth it. Guys have fully justified the expectations of fans.

      “Funny guys”, “the Ice finally melted. “Mushrooms,” of course, fire. Incredibly lit. Such a stir in the club never did… But what struck me the public. People like crazy. Not only that, a huge crowd crammed into the club that I had never seen before. People just moved protection”, “What are they steep! Hysterical!” – wrote social media users.
      Группа «Грибы» устроила внеплановый концерт для столичного бомонда
      Группа «Грибы» устроила внеплановый концерт для столичного бомонда