Анджелина Джоли восхитила талией на премьере  «Малефисенты»

44-year-old actress Angelina Jolie has demonstrated a slim figure at the presentation continue “Maleficent”.

Анджелина Джоли восхитила талией на премьере  «Малефисенты»

While the media expect the next news about the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt, the actress gives a new reason for discussion – flawless look at the presentation of the film, which played a major role.

So, on August 24 in the American city of Anaheim, California passed kinokontakt D23 of the company “Walt Disney Studios”, which was presented to the new projects of the Studio. One of them was the long awaited sequel to the fantasy film “Maleficent”, the star of which was Jolie. We will remind, the first part of the movie was released five years ago – in 2014. Then the picture became very popular and collected around the world big cash — $ 750 million US. The film is a remake of disney’s 1959 “Sleeping beauty” and free paraphrase and reinterpretation of the tale dedicated to Maleficent, the main villain of the original cartoon. Here the evil fairy we see in a different light.

The second part is “Maleficent” on the wide screen is planned for 18 October this year. The full name of the second part – “Maleficent: mistress of the dark”, judging from the name, the main character will once again return to the “evil side”.

To exit at the premiere of a movie “Disney” Angelina Jolie chose a fitted black dress from luxury brand, “Versace”. The top of the dress and sleeves were made of a fine mesh, and the leg sported a sexy high slit. It is hard not to notice the subtle wasp waist Jolie that contrasted with the ample bosom. Under the dress the actress is wearing black classic pumps. Makeup and hair was restrained, elegant.

Анджелина Джоли восхитила талией на премьере  «Малефисенты»

Except for Angelina Jolie attended the premiere of her colleagues in the film – young actress Elle fanning, who starred as Sleeping beauty (Princess Aurora), and a movie star Michelle Pfeiffer, who played the Queen Ingritt.

For the release of Elle fanning chose a soft pink and fluffy, like a marshmallow dress from the brand “KIMHEKIM”. It combined the delicate top mesh corset and a lush bow in the front. In this way fanning really looked like a Princess.

Анджелина Джоли восхитила талией на премьере  «Малефисенты»

61-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer appeared in the classic pantsuit sand color from “The Row”. Under it, the actress wore a white shirt with a high collar. It is worth noting that Michelle looks twenty years younger than his years! And how does she do it?

Not without a brief interview. During one of them, Jolie said that in recent years, after the breakup with brad pitt, she had a hard time. Recently brad pitt even put his ex-wife an ultimatum. Now in real life, the actress doesn’t feel strong superwoman, therefore, chooses the role of the confident and strong ladies to learn and to hold on to.

Last years was easy. I didn’t feel very strong. Such moments happen to everyone. Sometimes feel depressed, but it must be fought. Helps me, my work, commented on Angelina Jolie.

Also the star mentioned and other kinoraboty, which is now removed. And here she is a superwoman! So, Jolie will join kynoselen Marvel in the film about a race of superhumans “Eternal”. The film will be the 25th account of the filming of kynoselen. We will remind, the film will star the two stars of “Game of Thrones” is kit Harington, who recently was treated for alcohol dependence, and Richard Madden. Decorate superhero movie another fire woman – the actress Salma Hayek.

And the public knew not only about the acting of Angelina Jolie, she’s even created his own YouTube channel. It has already appeared the first two videos. Judging from the content, the star will fill the channel with recordings of their performances at charity events, and UN events, because Jolie was appointed special envoy of the organization in April 2012.


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