Анжелика Агурбаш закатила сыну вечеринку на острове The boy spends time in a heavenly place. Anastas turned 12. Angelica gave a festive treat. The artist is also gaining strength on vacation and having a great time with the baby.

      Famous singer Angelica Agurbash decided to arrange his son’s teenage fancy holidays. His 12th birthday he celebrated in Cyprus. The artist tried to make the celebration unforgettable for the boy. Apparently, the boy having a good time – sunbathing on the beach, resting on a snow-white yacht.

      “My beloved son! My pride and joy! My Anastas! Happy birthday! Be the happiest,” wrote Angelica as a congratulations to your child.

      Fans were also quick to wish the beloved son of the actress all the best. “How time flies! Health son and neverending happiness!”, “Mother and son happy birthday! Most importantly, let it be healthy, may he never know sorrow, let his way be the only sincere, good men! Such as he is kind, positive, open-minded world!”, “Beautiful and happy! Congratulations! Wish you happiness with all my heart!” – I wrote to the followers in the comments under the photo from the celebration. However, fans could not help but note the fact that instead of the traditional birthday cake Angelica gave the baby a chocolate donut, which was decorated with candles. Singer hastened to justify himself to his fans, who were confused from a lack of the usual birthday treats.

      “He doesn’t like cakes! But the donuts with chocolate loves! So our cake of doughnuts mega super! Do not live stereotypes!” – wrote in response to the artist.

      Not so long ago the actress has finished working on a new clip and now gaining strength. Apparently, the artist was able to establish their financial well-being and could easily afford the son a gorgeous vacation abroad. After her divorce from her husband, Nikolai the woman had to experience all the hardships of the lack of stable income she took credit for the child’s education, moved from the Moscow apartment and the suburban cottage, and even sold some personal belongings.

      “After my divorce, I remained in the street. I needed money to feed themselves and their children. Oddly enough, branded items never depreciate and can help out in difficult situations. This is especially true of bags and watches that are always in demand. I had three pairs of very expensive diamond and gold. Of course, urgent selling item losing value. For example, if the accessory was worth 200 thousand dollars, it will take over 50 thousand dollars” – shared Agurbash.

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