«Ангел!» Наталья Водянова показала подросшего сына от Антуана Арно
The Russian model shared the secret of the ideal figure.

Natalia Vodianova’s son Maxim

Photo: @natasupernova Instagram Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova use social media mainly for work: there, it announces a charity event organized by her Foundation and publishes new photos of the advertising campaign. But sometimes they appear and footage of family life of a top model. The night before Natalia showed fans his grown son of Antoine Arnault is a three — year Maxim.

The photo of the young heir to the Russian star was a runaway success: fans of Natalia inspired the appearance of the boy. “Angel… So crispy and delicate”, “Amazing beautiful babies turn Vodianova”, “this is It! This curly — other people’s kids grow fast!” — wrote Natalia.

Estimated subscribers and invariably slender figure Vodianova. By the way, she shared a small secret to a perfect figure. It became known that the model adheres to a special diet, selected her professional blood. This has allowed Natalia to keep slim even after the fifth birth.

Recall that a year ago Vodianova gave future husband Antoine Arnault, the second son, who was given the name Roman. While she has three more children from her marriage with Justin Portman.