Anfisa Chekhova told about an unusual habit of his son

Анфиса Чехова рассказала о необычной привычке своего сына
The presenter calls the 5-year-old Solomon Mowgli.

Anfisa Chekhov with her son Solomon

Photo: facebook

Fans Anfisa Chekhova happy to see
beyond that, how wonderful the boy is growing her son Solomon, who recently
will be 6 years old. The boy gathers a collection of dinosaurs, sports, even
learning “to drive” under the guidance of his father, Guram Bablishvili. TV presenter
believes that Solik, as she affectionately calls it, already is
the current personality with your habits. Some of them are quite unusual.

“Sol is my Mowgli! — says Anfisa. He doesn’t like
clothes. Sleeps naked all the time want to walk barefoot, got him in most
cases, a convenient hands, although, of course, with spoon and fork it. But I don’t
try to bend it to a stranger or their rules. Most of all I appreciate in man
personality! Therefore, your child does not explain endlessly that it needs
to be like everyone else and do as everyone accepted.
Of course, Solik know that walking around naked is not worth it, and he himself
shy that someone else will see it. But at home I do not restrict
the expression and the achievement of his personal convenience!

Of course, this fact periodically resent owners
the title “armati” in the ranks of my podeschi: not the hairstyle, is sleeping naked
rude, spoiled (as they manage the photo it smell?)

In General, friends, most my childhood was killed
engrafted a requirement to be like everyone else and go order! I grew up in the Soviet Union,
where any manifestation of individuality were tracked and hacked at the root.
So I clearly know that my child will not be so! Personality
creativity and innovation rule the modern world.

I give the vehicle his son the freedom to sail in his individual direction,
only slightly adjusting the tension of the sails and warning of an impending storm!”