Anfisa Chekhov revealed the secret of her phenomenal weight loss

Анфиса Чехова раскрыла секрет своего феноменального похудения
The TV presenter revealed the secret: how to get rid of extra pounds.

Анфиса Чехова раскрыла секрет своего феноменального похудения

Anfisa Chekhova, which has several
months lives and works in Sochi, is preparing for the premiere of the reality show “a Balanced and
happy people”: it will be held in mid-February on STS. Three
million rubles and a ticket to a new life will compete 18 participants from all over Russia,
the total weight is almost
3 tons. In addition Chekhova, will help them in this rapper and fitness instructor Serge, European champion
fitness bikini Natalia Lugovsky
and the third star coach, whose name is still kept secret.

“The main thing in losing weight — completely
to change your habits, in fact, to start a new life, — said Anfisa
before the premiere. Project gives
the participants of the start, but then they have to go your own way: no one infinitely
will not carry them by the handle. And, of course, I’m more interested that these
characters are then. When I was asked to become the anchor of reality, I made
reference: “And you have those who kept the weight?”I replied that Yes, weight hold
all of the participants! And I decided that the right thing to do, must also
to join”.

In the fourth season, viewers will battle absolutely
different fines-techniques, which adhere to the new trainers.

Анфиса Чехова раскрыла секрет своего феноменального похудения

“My training system is built on the love of
people, — says Sergey. — I forbid
to call yourself a coach, does not raise participants ‘ voice, do not scold and do not degrade
their. These are my younger friends, people who I have to give knowledge and power.
The other coaches on my background — just losers who obviously lost. They are the adherents of the
Orthodox fitness trends and nothing new to demonstrate. And the fact that
I do, it’s pure creativity, flight…»

Another trainer of the project, Natalia
Lugovsky, said that the new season is interesting in the first place
different approaches to training. “Each viewer can see different variants of physical activity
people who are overweight and choose a suitable, ‘ she says. — Both that
the technique that was planned for the participants, I already gives you incredible results.”

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