Anfisa Chekhov met his, mixed it with mud

Анфиса Чехова ответила отцу, смешавшему её с грязью
TV presenter with a love of taking attacks of the Pope.

Anfisa Chekhov and Alexander Korchunov

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Alexander Korchunov could definitely compete for the title of “worst dad”. Father Anfisa Chekhova took part in the filming of Dmitry Shepelev “actually”, where once again demonstrated his indifference to the daughter. Alexander named a daughter unwanted “by-product” of sex with mom Chekhova. In addition he could not count how old she is. The father of Anfisa gave to understand that he believes it is very windy, calling something shameless.

All this Anfisa took… with gratitude and love. Chekhov, which, of course, refused to appear in the Studio with dad, said that he had long forgiven him and now treats him condescendingly. And this, despite the fact that now she is suing him because of which he many years ago I left my mom Anfisa the expense of alimony! “Half my life I hated my dad, half my life learned to forgive him and got out from the very depths of his soul a child unconditional love. I did it! Despite the current hobby of my dad, to go and complain about me, I am very fond of him, and quite angry. Even with humor,at times, look at the whole situation.

The thought that my father never loved me not give a heavy heart! I understood and accepted! And sincerely love him, just like that, just because he’s my dad, whatever it was… — said Anfisa. —I am very grateful to him for that once he charmed my mom (and he can be very charming with women) and as a result of this love I was born. I inherited from him the best: gab, eloquence, poetic talent and ambition! I have achieved in this life what he wanted to achieve. And I know he is proud of me as he can.

I don’t go to the shows where I want to pit with my dad, because it’s our personal relationship, and all I wanted to say, I told him personally! I can’t give him glory, what he wants, but I can give him the love that he needs. This, here, a paradox. But to be honest, I have long endured, and sent into eternity, their grievances!”