Анфиса Чехова в восторге от переменчивой погоды в Москве
TV presenter wants to rain resumed and ends.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

At the end of last week, Anfisa Chekhova is back from vacation. Together with his son
she spent three weeks in Italy and then in Spain. Surprisingly, but Moscow weather,
rains and thunderstorms, the presenter very much. The weekend was really summer and hot, but during the week weather forecasters promise rains again, which Anfisa, unlike most of her friends and colleagues very happy!

“My dear friends, who
worry too much rest… All rejoice, I am with you, in our
favorite Russian climate.
But, my vacation continues,
because my work brings me pleasure, and I can’t call it
labor. Over the years I have learned not to fuss, not to run, not plow, not to do what I don’t like to be with someone not
comfortable, not to be where bored and not in a rush to get pleasure from even
detail, — said Chekhov. — Also, I
like the weather like now in Moscow! And I secretly dream that it lasted
longer! The climate is similar to early autumn, my favorite habitat.

We will remind, during a vacation with his son Anfisa Chekhov every day
published new photos. And under the photo, in which her five year old son rides
carousel wrote a great comment in which he told about his past
love. “Famous Loretanska carousel.
I photographed it about 15 years ago. Then I was in a relationship that I
seemed to last forever — says Chekhov. — I could not think that these horses
will sit my son, from a very different, the man she loved. And no one
knows what awaits us around the next bend”.