Анфиса Чехова стала невестой
TV presenter caught the bouquet at the wedding of friends.

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov, it seems, really soon marry again. This is the dream of she and say all the signs of people. In particular, yesterday the TV presenter caught the bouquet at the wedding of his friends, which took place in an ancient castle in Czech Republic. The video of this wonderful moment Anfisa itself is published in a personal blog. It can be seen that Chekhov didn’t fight for the coveted bouquet, he flew “right” in the hands of the stars. However, and rivals for the title next bride Chekhova almost was not. In addition to her most at the ceremony was the only one unmarried girl.

By the way, not a week has passed since then, as Anfisa herself announced the time frame in which plans to get married a second time and give birth to a daughter. She said a toast on the birthday of his mother.

“I wished my mom a good son-in-law and granddaughter next year,” he told the star.

Since the timing is quite tight, the fans decided that the “blueprint” Chekhova is already there. After all, to find a new man to go with him to the registry office and have time to have a second child for only a year and a half is no easy task.

We will remind, last year Naomi and I broke up with her husband Guram Bablishvili, but their fans still hope that the old lovers get back together. However, the ex-spouses continue to communicate amiably and then — only for a common son of Solomon, which this year was 6 years old.

Personal life Anfisa Chekhova remains to all a mystery. The presenter says, there was in her life a new man. However, fans are sure a woman will never be alone!