Агата Муцениеце и Павел Прилучный отметили «медную» свадьбу
After reuniting, the couple have made a holiday in honor of the anniversary.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Yesterday Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny celebrated 7 years of marriage. July 19, 2011, they, almost nobody known actors from the TV series “Closed school”, went secretly to one of the Moscow registry office and got married. At that time the stars only knew each other for a few months, and even a proposal of marriage Paul did Agatha at all in the first day.

“I did not regret that I married him!” — muceniece told in interview to magazine “7 Days”.

Priluchny in turn literally carries his wife in his arms, and their two children, Timothy and MIA just loves.

However, last year family life was not easy for muceniece and Priluchnogo. This spring Agatha announced that their marriage was “put on pause”. And she doesn’t know whether they will be able with Paul to overcome the problems.

Prilichnye (according to the documents Agatha took her husband’s name) never hid the fact that their perfect life is the place for quarrels. Moreover, the passion in the family, raging downright Italian — with swords drawn, shouting. “Even once they broke the door down!” — laughing, said the actress.

But this time it was much more serious. “Sometimes our temperaments are faced and raging, explained muceniece. — To be honest, I’m heavily experienced all of these events. This was important because during this period we realized that we can survive anything, except to not be together. And so we have to do something with our characters and to seek common ground. We can do it!”

To the delight of fans and all the friends and relatives of Paul and Agatha made up. So this anniversary was special for them. Muceniece even called 7 years of their marriage “anniversary”. The actors said personal holiday in one of the restaurants of the capital. Day in Moscow was rainy, and the rain went just when the couple went to celebrate the anniversary. “Do you think this is a good sign?” asked muceniece my husband. “The best!” — confidently replied Priluchny.