Anfisa Chekhov admitted, why he moved to Sochi

Анфиса Чехова призналась, почему переехала в Сочи
The other day we wrote about the fact that TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov with her son Solomon moved to Sochi.

Анфиса Чехова призналась, почему переехала в Сочи

For a long time, 39-year-old Anfisa did not disclose the truth, what is her moving. And that’s only recently been told the true reason for such a radical step.

Анфиса Чехова призналась, почему переехала в Сочи

“Friends, finally I can reveal to you the reason for their move to Sochi! I became the new host of the program “Balanced people” on TV Channel STS! I’m happy to be back in friendly family. Few who remember, but I was working on this channel, when he was born, and still remember this wonderful time! Especially now the channel is headed by a truly inspired and mega creative team! In their plans, through television, to change our cynical World, to teach us to feel, to Love and Compassion! Long wanted to join the people walking into the Light,” said Chekov in his microblog.

Anfisa told me that she and her son will stay in Sochi until the spring, now in her Instagram keeps popping pictures, which she captured on a background of mountains.

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