Энди Маррей: "Шарапову нужно дисквалифицировать"

Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray

British tennis player Andy Murray, which is the second racket of the world, commented on the doping scandal involving Maria Sharapova. We will remind, several days ago the girl admitted that for many years took Mildronate did not know that the drug got in the prohibited list from 1 January 2016. A drug test Sharapova has not passed, and now she faces disqualification and a break in his career.

Many sided 28-year-old girl, but not her colleague on the court. Andy Murray believes the tennis player should be disqualified:

I have no right to decide how to punish her, but people should be responsible for their actions. If you take drugs to increase the efficiency, and then fail a drug test, then you need to disqualify,

the man said at a press conference in Indian wells, when asked what he thinks about the situation last days.

I think that taking medication without medical indications and urgent need, only because they are legal, just not fair. If you don’t have appointment from a doctor, it means that the drug you need. You’re just trying to improve their performance, using it like a drug. This is wrong. Murray said he was not surprised by the scandal erupted, because in sports all the time someone is caught doping, but surprised that so many athletes have serious health problems:

I heard already about 55 athletes failed doping tests, since Meldonium was included in the list of prohibited substances. Who would have thought that so many high-level athletes such serious heart problems!

– sarcastically said Murray.

Энди Маррей: "Шарапову нужно дисквалифицировать"
Andy Murray

Also the athlete has criticized the company Head, which decided to support Sharapova and not to break her sponsorship contract in the organization decision to admit girls in the use of Meldonium called brave.

Note that at the moment the doping tests have not been many Russian athletes: skaters semen Elistratov and Paul Kulizhnikov, figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova, volleyball player Alexander Markin and others. Experts predict that the number of athletes found to use of Meldonium, will only grow.

Энди Маррей: "Шарапову нужно дисквалифицировать"
Maria Sharapova

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