Андрей Панин всю жизнь комплексовал из-за внешности In late may, the actor would have turned 56 years old. Andrey Panin died on March 6, five years ago. His death is shrouded in mystery, according to one version he fell from his own height and hit your head pretty hard. And another artist could have been killed.
Андрей Панин всю жизнь комплексовал из-за внешности

A friend of Andrei Panin, Alexei Zabolotsky told that tormented actor’s life and what he wanted. According to him, the actor for four years couldn’t go to drama school.

“When Panin was enrolled in a course, it seemed that the start is given. However, he said he was “not removable” because of its allegedly vague texture: not a hero-lover, and not an obvious comedian. It is often said in an interview that he did not like his reflection in the mirror. Just 35 years it began to actively remove. He had such a strong desire to play, he was in the best sense of the word greedy to work! He didn’t just reincarnated, and lived the lives of their heroes. And many artists were surprised that Andrew could so organically and unpredictable to exist in their roles,” said Alexei.
Андрей Панин всю жизнь комплексовал из-за внешности

According to z, the actor seemed frivolous to others, is capable of any adventure. Panin stood out from the mass of artists sprightly character and natural charm, but behind all the tinsel lurked complexes of movie stars.

“Andrew knew that to win his nature, as the actor himself said, the appearance and speech deficiencies, eclipsed his boundless talent that was bothering him. For all the bravery it was always some uncertainty, doubt. Only to himself would he admit to it,” said Alex.

The actor has never refused to help. He did not forget old friends, was ready to take off his shirt.

“I had a large amount of debt, and I didn’t know what to do. And Andrew in those days was reputed to be rich. Just mentioned to him about the problem, Panin next day gave me all his savings and he was sitting on water and bread almost a few months. Still thank him for it. You know, now there is almost no real way Andrew… All put on masks and pretend to be who would like to be, and who we really don’t know. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to tell him, “Thank you, brother! Love”. When the man died, you know, if you want to say something to him, do you have a minute call me…” admitted Alex.

In the last years before the death of Panin was very popular in the profession. He had a huge amount of work. Alex starred in several films at the same time.

“After such a load, he liked to travel alone, as he said – “come to life”: to close the house, to sleep, to read books. So talk about the fact that it killed the loneliness, I think, erroneous. I remember that in one interview he was asked what to him is worse: death, loneliness or old age. Andrew replied death,” said Alexei Zabolotsky in an interview with “Interlocutor”.