Андрей Малахов поцеловал Собчак в беременный животик

Yes, Ksenia Sobchak indeed expecting a baby! Now this fact publicly confirmed popular TV presenter.

Pregnant Sobchak and Urgant with crutches – so the audience will remember the 11th award ceremony “TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg”, which took place yesterday evening in the Northern capital.

Presented the award in an ancient circus, Ciniselli on the embankment of the Fontanka river. And at the entrance only and conversations was that about pregnancy Sobchak, who was invited to the celebration as the lead.

And Xenia did not disappoint: “annealed” to the fullest. More on the way for the award expectant mother Xenia made a huge scandal in the plane, flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

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Ignoring the red carpet, Xenia appeared on the circus arena. And he did it very effectively – in the best traditions of the show with Lady Gaga. In the center of the arena left design, which is first inflated and turned into a sphere, and then burst a wave of the hand Sobchak.

By the way, Lady Gaga similar number in the show means the birth of a new life – so the appearance of the sphere was perceived as an allusion to the main news of the last days. And not in vain. No sooner had the Xenia exit the sphere and stately walk through the arena, as from the Royal box there was a cry of the secular star and longtime girlfriend Susie Nicky Belotserkovsky.

“But Sobchak is pregnant!” – literally the whole circus cried nick.

Ksenia was obviously confused by this statement and began to smile in embarrassment, but quickly took itself in hands and has continued to lead the ceremony.

Fat point in the plot has put a TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, who also came for the award. Popular TV host came out to award the prize in one of nominations, but barely picking up the microphone, said, referring to Ksenia: “nick asked me when I got out, attached to your tummy!”

Then Malakhov, like a true gentleman, got down on one knee and kissed the Xenia to the area of tummy to consider details was impossible, because embarrassed She covered herself and head Malakhov tablet with texts.

Another highlight of the awards was the appearance of Pope Ivan Urgant, Andrey, on crutches. According to rumors on the sidelines, Urgant senior recently had surgery on my feet, and now he is learning to walk again.

More stars and details in our photo report, which contains all the highlights and guests of the ceremony.

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