Andrey Malakhov founded the broadcaster

Андрей Малахов основал телекомпанию Presenter and media Manager Alexander Mitroshenkov have registered a company that will produce projects for TV. Information about the company available in the database of the register. Andrey Malakhov said she plans to become a producer.
Андрей Малахов основал телекомпанию

Presenter and chief editor of the “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov registered company “TV Hit”. Information about the organization entered into the Unified state register of legal entities.

Malakhov share in the Charter capital – 50%, the other half belongs to the producer and media Executive Alexander Mitroshenkova. His television company engaged in the production of a number of programs for national channels, including such projects as “While all houses”, “60 min”, “good night, kids”, “Business morning” and “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

The journalist will become the General producer of “TV Hit” and the responsibilities of its Director General will perform Alexander Novikov, Executive producer of “the Transcontinental Media company” and a member of the Russian television Academy since 2007.

Recall that soon on the channel “Russia-1” starts showing the new TV show with Andrei Malakhov, which was called “the Wall”. This is the adaptation of the same foreign project, recognized this year’s top gaming gear. The premiere of the program will be held on 22 October at 16.30.

Andrey Malakhov will present a new show on the channel “Russia-1”

The program participants will test their strength in the intellectual competition. For this they need to answer a number of questions. For every correct answer you can get from a hundred rubles. The creators of the program has set a record – it is known that the prize pool of the show is 60 million rubles. Such an impressive amount in the entire history of Russian television.

The shooting of the project took place in the Polish capital Warsaw, where we have a large set. The producers of the program do not exclude that in the future will take work on TV show in Russia.

Earlier in an interview Andrei Malakhov said that it plans to engage in producing activities. According to the journalist, he wants to develop in the professional plan and “become a person who makes decisions, including determines what to be.”

Recall that in the new television season Andrey Malakhov became the leading channel “Russia-1”. August 25, viewers saw the first edition of the project “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. “This program is a challenge for me. I’m like a surgeon in a new country, which must prove that it can work,” he said at the beginning of the transmission.

The first character of the updated program was Boris korchevnikov who told Andrei Malakhov on his early career, the work of the leading talk shows and surgery to remove the tumor. Many viewers found that the two leading conversation turned to Frank. Andrey Malakhov called Boris Korchevnikov on straight talk