Andrey Malakhov could not accept the audacity of a young redactors

Андрей Малахов не смог смириться с наглостью молодой редакторши
In the summer, fans were shocked to learn about the care of the well-known TV presenter Andrey Malakhov with the First channel.

Андрей Малахов не смог смириться с наглостью молодой редакторши

Many felt that the decision the man made in order to pay more attention to the family. But Andrew himself admitted, why was it done.

“We had a thirty minute dialogue with Konstantin Ernst, and we parted on that again and think where to move the channel, as it might look in the future and about my role on this channel. The second time we, unfortunately, never met. When I went to this meeting, girl editor, worked with me, called me and asked me which entrance I will get to put the camera. And I did not want to play under the cameras, and therefore not reached.

I just went to a meeting. Suit, tie, haircut — and then the editor called and asked what the entrance to put the camera… the Young redactors, you know, kill everything, is clear for a long time: the whole world depends on them, their idiocy and their level of education”, – said Malakhov.

It is worth noting that now Andrew was leading a similar transmission “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel Russia.

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