Андрей Гайдулян объяснил, почему развелся с женой The actor told how to live after breaking up with Diana Ochilboy. The pair failed to save the marriage. Fans of the star of the series “I” tried to know why Hagolan was separated from his beloved.

Andrew Hagolan lives in two countries. Recently, the artist often happens in America, because there working on a new project. He first came to Los Angeles this summer to meet the team that makes a film.

“It’s not a very high budget movie, but I got the first experience in a real Hollywood movie. The shooting took place near Los Angeles, I played a scientist trying to save the Earth, or rather what was left of it. Now came to voice acting. Worked on the accent,” said Hagolan.

The star of the Russian series “SASHATANYA” immersed himself in work as in private life it is that nothing has changed. The heart of the actor is still free. Recall Hagolan divorced Diana and Ochilboy in the autumn of last year. First, during communication with journalists, Andrey has told about the reasons of breakup with his wife.

“We got divorced. No one cheated, we just decided to leave. So it happens, that’s life. I am a supporter of family values, but it did not happen,” said Hagolan.

She ochilova previously hinted that the actor has betrayed her. The girl had suffered greatly and shared in the microblog sore.

As admitted by Andrei, for the last time he even dropped the extra pounds, as it was necessary for the role. “Lost weight, doing sports. The most difficult for me, as for losing weight, to fix weight. For the year I lost weight and gained it back three times. About six months ago I lost again at 8 pounds and now keep this weight,” shared the actor.

By the way, in addition to new projects in film, Andrew tried his hand in the restaurant business. The artist became one of the owners of pizza chain. In all things he helps Manager. While Hagolan is located in the United States, his assistant go all the organizational issues. “The main thing in life is to do what you like. I like my pizza, I like it the way I had now,” said the movie star.

As Andriy confessed in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, a new business has already started to bring him a small income. “Everything happened really quickly: some five months, and I can tell, a successful restaurateur…” – said the actor.