Юлия Барановская сожалеет о годах, прожитых в гражданском браке The TV presenter took part in the discussion of new public initiatives. In the program “Time will tell” have been a hot debate, devoted to one of the Senator’s ideas. The bill proposes to equate to five years of cohabitation to formal marriage.
Юлия Барановская сожалеет о годах, прожитых в гражданском браке

Host of the “Male/Female” Yulia Baranovskaya took part in “Time will tell”. Along with Catherine Strizhenovoj she discussed the bill that has excited many women in the country. Presumably, will soon be possible to equate civil marriage to the official, if a couple lives together for more than five years.

Participants of the discussions took different positions. Ekaterina Strizhenova believes that people should officially married, and Julia Baranovskaya were in favor of legalizing civil marriage. She was a little hurt that after 11 years of living with Andrey Arshavin she was unable to divide property, so she had to immediately go to work to support his family.

“I have lived for many years in a civil marriage, left in the end alone. And I think that equating, on the contrary, prostimulirujte. When the couple realize that the responsibility in the marriage that no marriage is the same, they will go and register their relationship,” said Julia.

Baranovskaya described the breakup with the ex-spouse in the book “All for the best”. Many women who read the work of the presenter, sympathized with her, leaving words of encouragement on the personal page of a celebrity in the microblog.

“Eleven years no one had a doubt that my husband’s family. But when he Packed up and left, turns out we’re not a family. And divide us nothing will. And all the responsibility is gone. So I say now: I have children differ from other children? My family something different? It was a family,” explained Julia.

In 2014, thanks to the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, Baranovskaya managed to get ex-spouse payments for child support. Each month the athlete is expected to produce about 50 percent of its revenues on the education of children. Legal representative never denies the people in distress.

“I don’t care where someone is from, I’m only interested in himself! Given the opportunity to work with people from show business. A business relationship grew into a strong friendship, as with Philip Kirkorov. But ordinary people among my clients around fifty percent, as any star lawyer,” said Dobrovinsky.