Андрей Кончаловский и Юлия Высоцкая взяли сына на кинопремьеру The family of the famous Director, and he flashed on the carpet of the Venice film festival. Together with famous parents at a screening of “Paradise” came their son Peter. 12-year-old heir Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya instantly attracted the attention of foreign journalists.

      Андрей Кончаловский и Юлия Высоцкая взяли сына на кинопремьеру

      Russian Director Andrei Konchalovsky, presented in Venice film “Paradise”. At the gala premiere of the film at the Lido was attended by his wife, Julia Vysotskaya, who played the main female role in the new film, and his son, 12-year-old Peter.

      Earlier Konchalovsky did not take the heir to a major cinema event. The boy appeared on the red carpet in a Tux and Burgundy bow tie as adults premiere. The participants stressed that the child is very much like his famous father. Julia looked happy, surrounded by loved ones men. The movie star chose to exit on the red carpet silver dress with a striking slit at skirt and a deep neckline.

      The picture Konchalovsky “Paradise” tells about the last years of the Second world war. A Russian immigrant who played Vysotsky, harboring Jewish children so that they are not disposed of in the army of Hitler. Julia is not the first time removed in strips wife. According to star, no difficulties between them on the court never arose.

      “Andrei Sergeevich, first, just a very nice person, very easy to work and live too. Live – it varies, but for work, its all love on the set and he loves all. Such an atmosphere of love, I say without any pathos. There is no baby talk, just for him so important that he does what I know to myself that I’m next to him another man. I even see it on their friends when it is not, it’s another talk. All better, he really inspires all good,” said the actress in an interview.

      Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky rarely go out. In October 2013, their family was faced with a tragedy: at the time of the accident was badly damaged and their daughter Masha. She is in a coma. After the incident, the misery of the Director and the actress became less to appear in public and tell about their children. “You must understand me, I really very difficult to speak on this subject. No matter what I said – this will not be enough… It’s not something I’m entitled to share. I am grateful to everyone who empathizes. I thank everyone who writes letters. Important to us this support. But I can’t talk about it in any angle, any way…I tried to record a greeting before you begin to work. To make people understand: this is life, and there are many components. Something I can show and explain what you want to remain silent. What is it, my life is my business”, explained Vysotsky.

      Julia Vysotskaya about the health of his daughter: “We work, we move, going very, very slowly”