Anatoly Kashpirovsky sued after the insults Ivan Urgant

Анатолий Кашпировский подал в суд после оскорблений Ивана Урганта Therapist unhappy with last year’s edition of the entertainment show of the First channel, in which well-known TV presenter joked on the subject of cat-psychic from Blagoveshchensk. Anatoly Kashpirovsky requires the broadcasters half a million rubles.
Анатолий Кашпировский подал в суд после оскорблений Ивана Урганта

Psychotherapist Anatoly Kashpirovsky has filed a lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, the defendant in which is the First channel. The statement of the psychic entered the Ostankino district court.

Sources familiar with the text of the claim Kashpirovsky, told reporters about his claims. According to them, the man was dissatisfied with the edition of the program “Evening Urgant”, where his picture is taped to a picture of a cat. The psychic believes that such jokes cast a stain on his reputation. Kashpirovsky is resolute and demands an apology from the staff of the TV show.

“Kashpirovsky asks refutation and compensation of 500 thousand rubles. The transfer of 31 January was a story about the Internet user, who has sold 5 million cat-psychic. The story was accompanied by a collage, where a person Kashpirovsky was superimposed on the photograph of a cat. And to refute Kashpirovsky requests information concerning the cat,” – told reporters a source familiar with the situation.
Анатолий Кашпировский подал в суд после оскорблений Ивана Урганта

Edition of the evening show, which is referred to in the statement Kashpirovsky, aired in January 2017. In it Ivan Urgant in his usual manner fans jokes about animal, with psychic abilities.

“I’d make a good hypnotist. I can see value and think about nothing. A businessman from Blagoveshchensk sold my cat-psychic in the five million rubles. Well, lucky the man. Met another crazy. The fact that the announcement of the sale of pet he posted on the free classified ads website. To five million as one penny. In the description it was stated: “a cat sees ghosts. Can identify and treat all diseases, to draw husbands and wives, to ward off lovers, to attract luck and wealth.” Cat was acquired by the owner of one of the local salons psychic services”, – told the TV presenter.

Sharing the news, Ivan showed an illustration of it, placed on a laptop. “Even photography is therapeutic. Please put the shoes closer to the screen, now this cat is their charge. Cat’s humor. Somewhere in the distance laughed Kuklachev”, – such words has finished leading one of the headings entertainment.

As it turned out, not only Kashpirovsky protested the release of the formal transfer. Claim to the First channel sent and the former owner of the cat psychic Dmitry Makarov. Says a young man, about this he was asked by the pet after watching the show Ivan Urgant. According to Makarov, he maintains a mental link with the animal. Besides he expressed indignation at the fact that he called him crazy.

“The TV station only received two complaints. One of them was from Kashpirovsky, the other from the cat’s owner, who said that his cat was credited with properties that he does not possess,” reports RNS.