Анастасия Заворотнюк предстанет перед судом из-за огромного долга банку

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk in the near future will be brought to justice. The hearing, which the actress will be responsible for the outstanding debt, will be held on March 30.

Zavorotnyuk appealed to the court to make this meeting to a close because, as she said she doesn’t want to make public such personal issues that affect not only her but her family. But the court did not consider it necessary to satisfy the request of the actress and made the proceedings open.

As we found out, the meeting will address the issue of outstanding debt by Anastasia. In 2012, the car crash took out a mortgage loan to buy a house in the suburban village of Krekshino. The loan amount was equal to 537 thousand dollars. The entire house actress has a cost of 2 million dollars.

But to meet credit obligations and to return money in time Anastasia did not. To date, the amount of debt the actress is 27 million 934 thousand rubles.

Now, the court is to find ways to resolve the situation.