Анастасия Заворотнюк избежала банкротства The actress may not return certain amount of money. Today in Arbitration proceedings about the debt star in front of one of the banks. A credit institution insisted that the car crash it should be recognized insolvent.

      Анастасия Заворотнюк избежала банкротства

      Today, March 30, held a hearing on the case on bankruptcy of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Earlier the actress had filed a statement in which it stated that it does not fulfill the conditions of the loan agreement with one of Russian banks in 2014. Then the star of the series “My fair nanny” received a loan in foreign currency, but are unable to make monthly payment. After the financial crisis, its value has increased several times because of the jump in exchange rates.

      Despite the fact that in 2014, the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of the Bank and decided to collect from the actress more than 537 thousand dollars. As said agents of the artist, part of the debt was repaid. Thursday in the courtroom heard the case on the recognition of the artist’s bankruptcy. Interests Zavorotnyuk was represented by attorney Marina Deitch. Earlier, the lawyer had already expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that they were denied to hold the hearing behind closed doors.

      “She is very upset, she didn’t come to this and that the problems will be discussed publicly. Many people take out loans, but their actions are not discussed publicly. She felt bad that her reputation is tarnished,” said the lawyer.

      According to the decision of the Arbitration court, Anastasia bankrupt is not recognized. In turn, the credit institution which originated the conflict, continues to insist that the actress repaid the balance of the debt in one payment. Representatives of the companies are not going to meet the star. The Bank continues to refuse to convert the amount owed Zavorotnyuk from foreign currency into rubles, explaining that she designed the loan in dollars. Lawyers Anastasia repeatedly explained in the judiciary: actress receives a salary in rubles, so you should review the requirement on payments.

      By the way, earlier there were rumors that the Bank is not even able to apply sanctions against Anastasia. Typically, debtors can seize some real estate. According to some reports, the car crash has no assets, are in her name. It is assumed that it copied the three-storey house with a plot in Krekshino and an apartment on the Rogozhskoe Shaft in mom. Part of the apartment, where her family lives, now belongs to the children of celebrities, 16-year-old son stars t-Shirt and 21-year-old Anna. According to the law to confiscate the property of relatives of the debtor is impossible. Earlier, the actress was considered the embodiment of the plot in Krekshino to repay the amount. However, now it is seized.

      “Should be evaluated collateral, shall be held the auction, as provided by law and in fact, repaid the debt. Anastasia is not declared bankrupt, the decision in her favor. She has to pay, no one from the obligations is not exempt and she is ready to fulfill them. Only she wants to do it, as provided by law. And she was forced to repay this debt at the expense of some other property than that which is pledged to the Bank. That is, the Bank holds her ground under arrest, roughly speaking. She cannot dispose of the property, cannot use it to again to repay the debt to the Bank. You know, bail it inherently provides this commitment, and it secured the land. And the Bank is now unwilling to take this pledge. Does not want and all. The impression that this is some kind of a private moment. The law must be fulfilled correctly, and not to please someone’s ambitions,” explained the situation to the Marina Deitch.