Anastasia Volochkova planning to deal with all the enemies in court

Анастасия Волочкова планирует разобраться со всеми врагами через суд A sex scandal involving the famous ballerina continues unabated. Last week, the Network got photos of an intimate nature that allegedly show of Anastasiya Volochkova. Later it turned out that it made the red Bunkers, the former beloved of the artist. Star intends to apply to the legislature to detractors got what he deserved.

On the eve of Anastasia Volochkova has appeared in the program “the Stars aligned” to defend his honor. Ex-beloved ballerina businessman red Bunkers photographed the actress in the Nude. After a while intimate pictures leak online, which provoked the wrath of Anastasia. The businessman denies any wrongdoing, he argues that the leak of personal photos of the handiwork of its competitors. However Volochkova believes the man intends to sue former boyfriend.

“For me, this man does not exist. There are things that can not be forgiven. I believe that forgiving betrayal is simply impossible. I’d be happy if they put him in jail, but the man must be punished,” said the star was on a talk show.

After the program, Anastasia published a post in Instagram, which told in detail who exactly wants to blacken her name.

“What can you expect from a man who surreptitiously makes my personal photos in an intimate setting and puts them all over the country, proudly telling the media that it was me and him. On Federal channels, he asks me for forgiveness, and a week later, on the advice of his lawyer, with a straight face says that he doesn’t, gives completely the opposite, fearing criminal prosecution. And all because decent people don’t believe a word he said and that the leak allegedly occurred without his participation, his social networks where he kept all these”, – said Volochkova.

According to ballerina, Bunkers met with the wife of a former driver Anastasia Alexander Skirtach. We will remind, the driver stole ballerina more than a million rubles, repeatedly tricking star.

“The wife of the driver and blogger. Apparently, they will now develop a joint plan according to my discredit. What else can we expect from vile people the true face of the guy demonstrated to all public, well, Sonia Skirtach was one of the originators of the fraud of her husband, my driver and she’s got a great track record of fraud. After all, it Skirtcan treated the victims for about 10 years. I’m just a small cog in their system, but they choked me. And I was proven right – Skirtach in jail”, – said the artist.

According to Volochkova, the wife of the convicted driver, really wanted to get into the program “the Stars aligned”, however, the woman repeatedly asked to pay a fee for the shoot. In the case of compliance, Skirtach promised “to smear on the wall” ballet dancer.

“That is the morality of these people. These two make me your business. Dread to think what it may be like someone else. Therefore, the decision to star in the “Stars aligned” – it was a necessary measure of protection, where I can protect myself. Itself. Some proposed to keep silent, to sit, others to give change. There were many arguments for and against. And it was a pity to waste time on it, but who besides me will take villains to clean water. Further proceedings will be held in the framework of the legislation. The program would be removed in any case with or without me,” concluded Anastasia.