Анастасия Цветаева празднует новоселье в Израиле The actress completed a long renovation. Anastasia Tsvetaeva lives in two countries, but in Russia, the star spends less time. For several months the actress shared with her fans some interesting details about the transformation of his apartment.

      Russian star series Anastasia Tsvetaeva rarely appears on the big screens. The fact that in 2010, the actress married Israeli Nadav of Algana. Since then, she lives in two countries. Increasingly, the artist prefers the cold Russian sun of Israel. The couple live near tel Aviv. Even Anastasia got a job at a local theater, where enjoyed playing dramatic roles.

      However, the main reason why star hasn’t been at home, was the repair of the couple’s home. A few months ago Tsvetaeva started an ambitious transformation of their homes, which only have completed. News about the new home she shared with her fans on the social network.

      “Well, we did it! Moved. I’m more dead than alive. From 6 in the morning clean and dismantle. But stay hard! Sort new, smelling fresh wood shelves, much nicer than to destroy the comfort and to pack. So I’m in complete happiness! Although, to clean up the box a few days will have,” – wrote in his microblog Anastasia.

      Interestingly, Anastasia and Nadav remade in his house everything: floors, ceilings, walls. In addition, they found the furniture, which made them all with regard to wood kitchen, all doors, cabinets in the nursery, dressing room, cabinets in the bathrooms. Trivia Tsvetaeva purchased at a flea market that are so popular in Israel. So, she bought five lamps at one of the national craftsman, who makes lighting from the sugar bowls and salad bowls.

      “I am still pleased with our repairs is the fact that the husband often leaves the office, and we’ve been putting together all sorts of fascinating things. For example, today, we’re going to choose the missing plumbing” – shared positive emotions star.

      Fans of Tsvetaeva happy for my favourite actress. They wished her a long and happy life in an updated family home.

      We will remind, in addition to acting activities, for several years, Anastasia Tsvetaeva releases a new collection of his brand of jewelry Nastia Olgan.Jewelry, which is, of course, makes natural gems and pearls, crystals and silver vintage findings and vintage beads of my grandmother’s dismantled. The brand has a lot of fans among the stars. So, jewelry by Tsvetaeva enjoy wearing Anfisa Chekhov, Sasha Zverev and others.