Anastasia Tregubova: “I know the final results!”

Анастасия Трегубова: «Я знаю результаты финала!»
Stars support the national team of Russia on football at the World Cup.

Анастасия Трегубова: «Я знаю результаты финала!»

Anastasia Tregubova

Leading “Good morning” on the First Channel of Anastasia Tregubova begins
every morning with news from the world Cup: it was out of her mouth all
country to know the details, including morning TV, and even showed
his success in chasing a soccer ball.

“I watched if not all of the matches, almost everything. I was overwhelmed by this wave, and
euphoria, and to us in the Studio are the people directly related to
football, so you need to be aware of, says Tregubova. Now we have extended to live, and we
the frame of five hours: with five to 10 in the morning. Among the guests was a football
the prophet Jacob bear Potapych. He predicted both the victory of our
team, and, in principle, not wrong. So maybe I already know
the results of the final”

Анастасия Трегубова: «Я знаю результаты финала!»

Anna Peskova

Anna Peskova attended the opening ceremony of the championship
and carefully watching the matches. The actress admits that even at home, though
football, she wears a scarf with symbols. “This championship is very United and we, the people of Russia, and opened our
country to the world. Unity and friendship, joy and faith in the success of our
team — what’s going on in Russia in the last days. How much around
lovely guests who first came to us, and I see where they are
love Russia in particular and those of the cities visited. But the success
our team is just incredible! I’m sure they were inspired by the game on native
the earth, — said Peskov. — I
was lucky enough to be at the opening of the World Cup, and I hope the job
will allow me to attend the Closing. But the matches I watch at home:
wear a scarf with our logo, which is purchased at the opening, and
interest and excitement watching the games.”

Анастасия Трегубова: «Я знаю результаты финала!»

Yanina Melekhov

Yanina Melekhov said Russia’s victory over Egypt hot flips! Yes so acrobatic that many might envy. Also, the actress recalled that in his youth was a passionate cheerleader. “The interest in football among women appears most often after their men.
In my youth my boyfriend was a football fan, and during these
I was a real fan who loves this game, says Melehova. — We did not miss
not one team in our city, where we lived: paint the face
sang, played the pipe. But after a time was love, and with it interest in

the Russian team Janina is still not passed, and while her husband watched
the technique of the players, it is without hesitation considered the cutest
athletes of this championship. “If the game was without national team of Russia, I
rooting for the wrong team, where he found the handsome football player, says Yanina. — My husband understands that this is all a joke, and sometimes even
helps me in choosing!”

Karina Gubanova

Karina Gubanova watch the matches do not have time, because it
the theatre still plays. And on a daily basis. But despite
such a schedule, she watches all the matches, and colleagues joke that
she has never made a mistake. “Scet we learn from social
networks, — says Karina. — Now don’t need no TV, no radio. Open
phone, and there you have a summary of all the events of the match. As a team
Russia will play against Uruguay? I would say that a draw would be enough for us.
Nominally we have already passed in the 1/8 on points, now we are talking about the first place
in a subgroup. I really hope that we will be first!”

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