Анастасия Стоцкая превратила свою жизнь в шоу «За стеклом»
The singer will talk all about yourself.

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Stotskaya analyzed the posts and comments from your personal blog in the social network and came to the conclusion that it is time to shoot your own reality show about his life. However, while in the form of short video stories about yourself, beloved. The singer even made a survey among fans whether they are all wondering.

“I turn my life into a show “Behind the glass”, — she announced. — It’s all so interesting! You want to know everything about my life? Where I go, who I meet, as I live, I cry or laugh…”

Fans clearly voted “for” detailed stories about the life of the beloved singer. So now Anastasia will have even more and even more to show all the subscribers.

Especially interesting for everyone to finally see the daughter Stotsky, which will soon be a year. Persons of Faith have not seen no one except the inner circle. Anastasia protects baby from unwanted attention. If his eldest son, 6-year-old Sasha, star regularly appears at social events, and starred in the glossy magazines, the girl Stotsky has not yet shown to anyone. Fans hope that she will do it in one video so-called reality show. They also expressed a desire often to see Anastasia and her husband together, because the way spouses communicate with each other, very much to say about them. But this, most likely, will not. Sergei is a businessman, he is very far from show-business, and in the beginning of a relationship with the actress said does not want to be part of the star elite. Therefore, Stotsky never removed from him, do not go to activities, and personal blog, he “flashed” only once in the Network appeared rumors that the son of the singer too much like Philip Kirkorov… if Anastasia really launch the show on Instagram, fans will be able to learn about as many interesting information.