Anastasia Stotskaya become a mother for the second time

Анастасия Стоцкая стала мамой во второй раз  The actress and her daughter feel well. The celebrity gave birth to a girl in one of the Moscow clinics. Now a happy woman accepts congratulations from fans, family and friends.

Famous singer Anastasia Stotskaya spouse gave Sergei a girl. Heir to the stars was born on may 7 in three hours of the day. Anastasia herself was told about the joyous event subscribers microblog.

“Yesterday at 15:08 the stork brought us our Princess 53 cm 3370 kg,” – said the star of the musicals.

Next to a young mom and I are the closest, among which the beloved singer. Note that the pair is already raising five year old Alexander, who is looking forward to the sister home. Perhaps the boy even has prepared the newborn a pleasant surprise.

“Take congratulations! Health to you and your little Infante. Grow big, healthy and smart”, “she, with the addition of your beautiful family. Happiness Princess!”, “Congratulations! Let him be happy! Restored, Mathew, rather, forces both of you”, – I congratulate the singer with the addition to the family her fans.

That Stotsky is expecting a child, the public learned only over time. The woman did not want to advertise an interesting position and continued to hide the good news from the fans has managed to disguise a rounded tummy. But attentive admirers of Anastasia noticed changes in the shape of pet, and just started the microblogging to celebrate her upcoming addition to the family.

Later, a friend of the singer Alain Peter confirmed the speculation of the followers in conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit”. Also, she noted that the expectation of a little more pulled together second halves.

“The second pregnancy has made the relationship Nastya and Sergei is still perfect, even though they are so crazy about each other. The husband fulfills every whim of a Nasty, trying in everything to please her. How else, after all, she needed peace and harmony in her new life arises, now is not the time to be sad and nervous…” said a friend of the family.

It is interesting that, despite all the signs, Stotsky, along with her husband pre-purchased all the necessary for the youngest daughter. A few weeks before birth in the apartment were already heaped convertible crib, white baby carriage, rocking horse, dozens of toys, pacifiers and bottles, clothing and even special gadgets that simplify life for new parents.