Анастасия Макеева села на жесткую диету
The actress admitted that much “plump”.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasia Makeeva confessed to fans that now are extremely dissatisfied with their appearance. The fact that the actress strongly recovered. For this reason Anastasia has put herself on a strict diet. Now makeevoy diet consists mainly of zucchini and water. In addition, she every day in sports.

“Over the winter I’m sensitive, but not sensitive, plump and became, well, actually everything is clear…. And I took myself resolutely. Needless to say, I have completely eliminated alcohol, sweet and generally almost all the food except squash and water… the Way the water forced to drink a lot and of course sports every *ucking day…” — said Anastasia.

While the weather allows Makeeva practicing on the street. A favorite venue for a workout — Les. The artist devotes a lot of time and stretching — she wants to sit on the twine. Her efforts have already borne fruit. From the moment Anastasia “took” for himself, she is markedly postroila. “I already lost 4 kg and 3 cm in the waist and hips!” — rejoice in the success of Makeeva.