Анастасию Макееву преследует злой рок
After the divorce, the life of the actress was filled with deadly dangers.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasia Makeeva
turned out to be two tough days. As reported by Anastasia,
her long-awaited trip to Marseille, where she had long dreamed to visit,
finished robbery. A friend of the actress stole an expensive professional camera
right at that moment when he photographed it. The rest of my first day in
France Makeeva has held the police, but so far failed to achieve anything. Fans
advised the actress to be careful, because, as you know, Marseille in the world “famous” for its crime stats.

A day earlier Anastasia had miraculously survived the explosion in
Turkish airport. By a happy coincidence, the flight of the actress flew
a few hours before the incident. After learning about what happened, Makeev long
could not come in myself. “It is terrible to imagine what is happening in
the airport in Istanbul, and I could have died out there!
today there was, and God has saved me from death, and so I have on this earth
to do something else very useful!” — shared experiences actress. By the way, Anastasia had happened before the “adventure” trips. In may,
when relaxing with friends in Spain, she also visited the police. Then one of her friends stole a bag with documents and back

And two weeks
ago emergency happened right during a speech in the production of “Master and Margarita”.
Saved by Anastasia scene partner Ivan Ozhogin: saved from falling back into the orchestra pit. The actress tries to look at such incidents from a philosophical point of view. “Apparently I have a guardian angel, and pray for me good people!” — wrote Makeeva
in the microblog. By the way, fans of Anastasia noticed that after her divorce from Gleb Matveychuk artist pursuing some evil fate, which brings to life threat situations.

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