Анастасия Волочкова мечтает, чтобы отец ее дочери вернул ей многомиллионный долг

A little less than 10 years ago, Anastasia Volochkova big rescued her beloved Igor Vdovin, giving him in debt a huge sum of money. To maintain the business ballerina has allocated three million dollars that may not return so far. That the industry needs mother of his daughter Ariadne a large sum, Volochkova has reminded through the press, talking about how she helped him. But the industry still can not pay with Anastasia.

“I have many years ago had and could have. But for the savings, three million dollars, nine years ago I gave her husband Igor Vdovin on business development. The debt has still not returned”, — said Anastasia. According to Volochkova, the fact that Igor does not give money, it was unfair not to her and their daughter Kerry: “I collected all the money that I had. I promised Kerry that we will have your home. Since dad did not return the money, Mama needs to do something to ensure the child’s safety… Igor is not what gives me the duty. He products money is not questioned. I never thought that he would be able to do so — to take money I have not, and from your own daughter.”

According to Anastasia, she has no hope to get my money back and felt extremely unfair, and outrageous that her money is a promise of happiness of another family: “I cherish what we have. Well, when men do things one or the other, let it remain on their conscience. But when people my money contains your families old or new — it’s not fair”.