Family Kylie Minogue made her break up with Joshua Sass

Семья Кайли Миноуг заставила ее расстаться с Джошуа Сассом

Fan of Kylie Minogue always wanted her family to be happy because when she began a relationship with British actor Joshua Sass, a couple of decades younger than she, fans called them only extravagant couple with strong feelings.

Kylie and Joshua even prepared to get married, but their Union is still broke.

Now it turned out, insisted that the relatives Minogue, who happened “to know the bitter truth about Joshua”,

“Family members told Kylie, and she had to cancel the wedding. They pushed her,” says the source.

The parents of the singer was very unhappy that the young chosen of their daughter uses her for fame and publicity, and in fact about any feelings from his side of the question.

In addition, Danny immediately took a dislike to Joshua, what was the cause of her disorder with her sister. In the end, at Christmas, Kylie dumped her boyfriend and he returned to his parents.

Note that most likely the familiarity with Kylie and PR at her expense, had long planned Joshua. The actor talked about what their first meeting with the singer took place on the TV show “Galavant”. In fact, the British long before found out what hotel stopped Minogue and settled there specifically to meet her. Evil plan of Joshua was revealed to his colleague on the series “Galavant” Vinnie Jones.

Here’s “in love” man…