An unexpected ending in the case of the inheritance of the singer Prince

Неожиданный финал в деле о наследстве певца Принса
The main contender for the money pop idol was severely disappointed.

Recently completed a trial that lasted more than a year.
Lawyers finally decided who should get the inheritance of the Prince.
Recall that we are talking about more than a serious sum more than 200
the millions of dollars.

After in April of last year at the age of 57 years, Prince died
from an overdose of painkillers around his legacy
sparked a deadly battle. The problem was that the singer didn’t leave
will. In addition, at the time of his death he was not married and his only son
died just a few days after his birth. The only
direct blood relative of the singer at that time was his home
sister Taika Nelson.

However, immediately after the news of the death of the Prince showed a lot of contenders for his legacy. About a dozen
people have submitted statements to the court — about what they supposedly are or
illegitimate children, or illegitimate brothers or sisters. The
known from “the heirs” singer was already
to serve his sentence for numerous offenses, Carlin Williams,
claiming that he is the son of the singer from fleeting affair. And the court in the past
year decided to freeze the money of the Prince, until you have checked all the candidates to one.

To understand the lawyers managed only a year. None of
“side kids” Prince and could not confirm its origin. But
and Taiko Nelson had to endure the cruel disappointment. Instead of the expected
200 million she will receive only one-sixth of this amount. By order of the court,
all funds will be equally divided between her and five other children of divorced
parents Prince from their later marriages, that is, with three step-brothers
and two step-sisters of the singer.