Amy Schumer bought the farm from his father

Эми Шумер выкупила ферму своего отца

Actress Amy Schumer has proven that she is the daughter that every parent dreams of.

On his page on Instagram, the comedienne has published a screenshot of a video chat with his dad Gordon. The reason for this was a special case: screen captures Amy’s dad in that moment, when he announces that he bought the farm which has been in their family many years ago.

The story of how the family Schumer was forced to sell his farm when Amy was only 12 years old, is quite tragic. The fact that at the time Gordon was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Because of this, the occupation of the household, of course, was impossible because the farm was put up for sale.

Now, after more than 20 years, the farm has returned to its former owners.

By the way, shortly after the sale of the farm and Amy’s parents are divorced. As later told the actress to cheer yourself up in this difficult period she tried humor. It was he who brought Sumer to that success which it now is.