Амика Харрис беременна?

Амика Харрис беременна?

Amika Harris returned to share their photos with short tops exposing the stomach. However, fans of the star were convinced that the model was pregnant from Chris brown after she showed rounded belly in my previous post!
Twenty-six of the AMIK Harris had nothing to hide. Model 9 October published a mirror selfie where she’s dressed in a black crop top! Her belly was noticeably flat, despite the fact that earlier it was reported that a graduate of the University of California gave birth to her second child, Chris brown suggests the boy. “So you ready to tell this photo,” concluded amika post which once again forced the fans to think about getting pregnant if amika really is.

Амика Харрис беременна?“I swear, I saw her zivotic”, — left a comment one of the fans under the post on Wednesday, reiterating the confusion in the last post in the Amico Instagram on October 7. “Isn’t she pregnant?”, commented another fan, while the other followers were convinced that amika supposedly load an old photo from his cell. “A lot of repeats of photos lately, although cute,” wrote one of these fans on Monday.

However, fans are convinced that amika hid the stomach from the camera on two separate photos that she posted to Instagram on October 2 and 4 September. In fairness, the above first photo was a selfie in the gym — she could just to show myself zatonirovan belly in the mirror. “When you have managed to hide the tummy?”, — a fan commented under the photo of the Amico.

The current relationship Amico and Chris remain unclear. However, on 30 September, he shared a photo of his kiss with a dancer during a concert in Detroit! But also clearly left the comments under the post 31-year-old Rihanna, where she is photographed in her underwear. Amika and Chris have not denied or confirmed rumors of pregnancy, the first of which appeared in June 2019.

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