Американка мстит изменявшему ей бойфренду спойлерами «Игры престолов»

A network user named Reddit asked for advice on what to do with a former lover, which literally does not allow him to enjoy the beloved series “Game of thrones”, tearing him intrigue spoilers. The couple broke up because the man cheated on her, and often. After Reddit began to receive such messages, he blocked ex-lover in social networks, but she always finds a way to tell who will die in the new series or what will happen there.

29-year-old man said that his ex-girlfriend has a huge number of fake pages on Facebook and other social networks, and therefore to calculate its unreal.
“I understand that behaved badly with her, but all I want now is to enjoy the beloved series” — said Reddit.
Contrary to expectations, the wrong men, netizens are not only supported by a vindictive girlfriend, but they began to send him spoilers of new episodes of the series. He had to delete his message so he didn’t ask.
Recall that the new sixth season of the series, based on the book by George Martin, was launched on April 24. The plans of the founders two more seasons, but they likely will be shorter than the previous one.

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