Американский комик хотел откупиться от изнасилованной девушки

American entertainer and television personality bill Cosby, who is accused of rape dozens of women, in their own words put the last nail in his own coffin. For many years lawyers influential bill was able to hide his crimes, but times have changed, and he was just an old criminal, who, in the end, will be punished for their actions.

As reported by the Western media, citing the words of the mother Andrea Constand Gianni, the last victim of bill Cosby tried to negotiate with her about financial compensation in return for dropping charges in 2005. On this occasion, the woman recorded the conversation and the audio recording will be presented in court as circumstantial evidence of guilt bill.
Andrea still wants to go casting on TV? I can contribute.. I can get you to Toronto or somewhere else where you wish, there she (Andrea – approx.ed.) can go to school. I’ll pay the fees and all you wish..” — said in the recording. Now the lawyers bill offered mother and daughter $ 40 million because they rolled the campaign against him, cease to communicate with the media and “lay low”.
This is not the first time bill pays their invoice for the crime. In 1997, he paid some amount to the parents of his underage victims Otomi Jackson, but with Andrea I won the woman Cosby raped, in 2004, decided to bring the case to the end. If the wine bill is proved, he faces ten years in prison.