Sharon Osbourne sympathizes with Melania trump

Шерон Осборн сочувствует Мелании Трамп

Sharon Osbourne knows what it’s like to be the wife of a famous person. Melania trump knows it, but now it may be a new role – the role of the first lady of the United States, and it imposes the relevant obligations. In a recent interview Sharon expressed his sympathy for Melania because she’s married to a presidential candidate from the Republican party, Donald trump.

Шерон Осборн сочувствует Мелании Трамп
“This poor sweet girl got him in a trap. Everyone now wants to know everything about her: who her parents where she was born, got an education, will have to play with the smart mouth and pretend that you understand what they are talking about. This girl didn’t sign up for this shit. She just wanted to go back and forth with my bag and Hermes and to deal with them,” said Mrs. Osborne.

Recall that with the start of the presidential campaign of Donald, his wife, and in fact increased attention. In July, there was a Nude photo taken for the Slovenian gloss in 1995 and has reported that she was an escort, and in August, the activists demanded to disclose her immigration papers and the diploma of the College.
Moreover, Osborne is confident that the role of first lady – not for Melania, it also strongly tuned against her husband.
“Even if Donald gets into the oval office, he is unlikely to last until Christmas,” said Sharon and reiterated that he would not vote for trump.