Эмбер Херд перестала скрывать новый роман
The actress demonstrated in public tender feelings to your beloved.

Amber Heard, Vito Schnabel


Recently 32-year-old amber heard surprised visitors
The Wimbledon tennis tournament, for the first time appeared in the light with his 31-year-old lover, a curator of the gallery of modern art Vito Schnabel. Sitting next to
the stadium, amber and Vito gently cooing to each other, and then moved from words to deeds — tennis fans have become unwitting witnesses a passionate kiss of lovers.

Vito and amber started Dating a couple
months ago. However, until recently, they tried to do it secretly, without attracting undue
the attention of strangers. In
the first time the actress was seen with Schnabel in early may. Then only by chance paparazzi managed to photograph them together, kissing in the back seat of a taxi. Last month amber and Vito caught for a long time, holding hands, walking together in new York. At the end of the Dating lovers went to Bar Pitti, specializing in Italian cuisine, where he sat up
the end.

Roman amber and
Vito surprised many. The fact that amber doesn’t quite fit into the stereotype
former girlfriends Vito. After all, they and the famous former model Elle MacPherson,and demi Moore, and Heidi Klum —
were older than men at least 15 years. At the time, as amber is almost the same age as Schnabel. And heard, too, preferred before the other kind
Cavaliers. To Schnabel, she managed to “get married” for johnny Depp and almost about to marry a billionaire Ilona Mask.