78-летняя Светлана Светличная раскрыла секрет своей стройности
The actress refuses to eat in favor of clothing.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya

Legendary Svetlana Svetlichnaya is 78 years old, and it remains
a wonderful example of beauty and femininity. This summer, the actress visited
several social events in Moscow, and frequent the Metropolitan partying
noticed how amazing she is. Svetlana afanasevna did not hide their
secrets of beauty.

“Calories I don’t think everything is determined by the clothes, says
Svetlichnaya. — If tightly fastened, so need to slow down. Over the past
time dropped an extra two kilos that have accumulated over the winter. Unable to sit without
food and do not eat after six in the evening. This requires the will power I have.
If you see a dress that I really like, but it was a size smaller, I
especially lose those extra pounds, then somewhere to go. I can
to save on food, but not clothes.”

The actress admitted that lately she is
watching, without the help of stylists.

“When I give interviews on TV, I hat that I have no
hats, I hair, the wig — I like to be different —
Svetlichnaya says. — A dress up and disguise myself, after we
broke up with Ruslan tatyaninym, my stylist, we worked together a long time, but
as it happened, we ran, not blaming each other. I makeup I put on
eyes myself, dye my hair – everything. At home everything.
So I’m used to”.

The actress says that it is not resorted to plastic

“I didn’t do anything because I have no money.
If there was maybe something I did, but not now, — said the star. Now
I am satisfied with my appearance. When I’m working or I love something, my eyes
Express my state, my interest in life, joy some. And now I’m so
think it’s too late”.