Amanda bynes for four years doesn’t do drugs

Аманда Байнс уже четыре года не употребляет наркотики

The star of teen films “She’s the man,” “hairspray” and “Love island” became famous more problems with the law, addicted to drugs and scandals associated with unstable mental state. Amanda gave up her acting career to being on the path of righteousness and be cleansed. New beginning or another attempt to fix this? She Amanda posed for the cover of Paper look-e production and told me every detail.

Аманда Байнс уже четыре года не употребляет наркотики

It all started with a simple “pampering” of marijuana at the age of 16. But soon it turned into a serious hobby, a hostage who became an actress. “Many girls took those pills then to stay thin. I remember starred in “Celibate week” and endlessly chewed them in the trailer, because we thought that they make me look better. However, I couldn’t concentrate on his dialogues, I just pay attention to how my body looks on the screen. I looked at hands that were in the foreground, and thought: they look so thick. “Oh, God, how awful I look!” — that’s all that was in my head. I sank into a deep depression that lasted about 6 months. I hated everything, I hated my appearance. I left the site, although at the time there were rumors that I was fired, but actually I just realized that I’m being unprofessional, and left them.”

Аманда Байнс уже четыре года не употребляет наркотики
Amanda started acting when she was 7 years old. She has participated in 20 advertising projects for the year, then there was a TV show and then a Comedy role in the movie. The limit was the film “Student of easy virtue” with Emma stone in 2010 and then bynes decided to retire from the screens. “Then I sat on the pot. I just couldn’t see myself on the screen. And decided that I must finish by acting,” says the actress in an interview. “I had to make a statement to the press, but I just wrote about it on Twitter. I was young and stupid. After filming, I was lost. I no longer had any purpose, before that I worked all my life, but for now just stayed home. I was watching TV and endlessly wrote on Twitter. I feel very sorry for all those messages.”

Аманда Байнс уже четыре года не употребляет наркотики
But Amanda still found a way to light: “I am free from addictions the past four years, my parents helped me get back on the right road.”

Now the artist can give advice: “be very careful. Drugs can take over your life. They turned my mind and made me a different person. You can lose everything, to destroy his life… that’s What happened to me. Those days of experimentation was over, I was fully back to normal life”.

Now bynes is starting life with a new sheet. In 2014, she enrolled for a course in Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. To start all over again was not so easy, because the students were judging her because of the news media, but over time it got better. “I’m not afraid of the future. I experienced the worst back from the dead and know that there is only the road forward.”

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