Аманда Байнс сделала на лице ужасное тату

Аманда Байнс сделала на лице ужасное тату

The last seven years, the former American actress is almost completely spent in rehabilitation centers, where she was treated for drug and alcohol addiction. The girl has always been famous for strange things, but her action brought a shock to the fans: Amanda made a face tattoo, and it’s not a pretty picture, and crookedly drawn heart.

Earlier, the actress had a very successful career, her starring roles in the films “She — woman” and “hairspray” brought her huge success. Now, bynes is not a movie, but systematically appears in the press because of his unconventional behavior and the use of illicit substances.

At the end of 2019, Amanda was forced to move to live in the house with her parents. However, even they couldn’t save her daughter from a reckless act. Recently, the actress has shown his followers on Instagram a very interesting tattoo that she made on her cheek. It’s not cute, just awful crooked heart.

It is worth Recalling that at the age of 24 years Amanda has announced that she ends her acting career. However, after a couple of months has made a refutation in social networks and showed the world a trailer for the new movie “Student of easy virtue”, which played the most important role.

At that time the girl already had problems with drugs and alcohol. In one interview Amanda herself admitted that she began to indulge in illegal substances in 16 years. However, the first time she was caught using drugs at the age of 26, when she on the road there was a collision of several cars. The court sentenced Amanda to three years in prison, but probation.

The next seven years she spent in various rehabilitation centers, but to overcome his addiction she could not. Last time she left the clinic in December 2019. She escaped, without the knowledge of the staff and their parents. Father and mother searched the girl for a long time, and when found, it asked the court to return Amanda back to the clinic. However, the court was not allowed to do it, considering that the former actress was not at that age where her fate of responsible parents. That is why 33-year-old Amanda was forced to return to live in his parents ‘ house.

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