Amaliya Mordvinova incognito returned to Moscow from America

Амалия Мордвинова инкогнито вернулась в Москву из Америки
The actress who have long left home, suddenly appeared at social events in Gum.

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

One of the main stars of “zero” Amalia
Mordvinov, who for many years lives in Russia, has surprised colleagues by appearing
in Gum at the store opening of Italian textiles. Not all of the audience learned simple
elegant lady red beast, which they saw in their favorite movies.

At the time, she was one of the main stars in the theatre and in film. On
premieres with the participation of Amalia in
“Lenkom” it was impossible to get tickets, she starred in Karen Shakhnazarov, Pavel Chukhrai, Yegor
, Alexander Mittaand
Gleb Panfilov. But a few years ago, Amalia was out of sight, quit your job
in the movie, broke up with her husband, businessman Vadim Belyaev, and a lot of time
held in Goa.

Amaliya Mordvinova actually moved to another continent, but
as it turns out, India was
for her temporary shelter. “Eight years ago my oldest daughter Diana
went to America to visit my dad and grandparents, and as a result took
the decision to stay. I was very sad, but Diana can also be understood. Her dad, Alexander Goldansky very, then there is a new beautiful
the family and I have just had a divorce, so the decision was Diana
justified. Diana stayed in new York to learn and adapt to new
family. And I’m in the beginning of 2009, after suffering a crushing defeat on a personal and
professional fronts, razed the health and relationships with family
and friends to seek refuge in India. A refuge for me and my younger children have
The Himalayas, then Goa and Rajasthan (a state in India – Approx. ed.)”.