Алсу готовится к родам в Израиле
The singer did not dare to travel by air in the later stages of pregnancy.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

As it became known, Alsu, who is now seven months pregnant, already planning the next birth. It turned out that some time ago, the singer left Russia and went to prepare for the advent of her third child in Israel. Here was born the younger daughter of the singer Micelle. But the eldest daughter Alsu with her husband Jan Abramov was born in an elite clinic in America. The actress pregnancy proceeds without complications. According to her, she tries to move more, eat only healthy food. Childbirth is scheduled for September, but Alsu decided not to expose the body of danger in the later stages of pregnancy and flew to Israel in advance.

Curiously, while waiting for third child the singer, according to fans, became more sentimental. Lately, she often indulges in nostalgia by posting your old pictures. She also remembered a long-forgotten hobby — drawing. Alsou not so long ago, again took the brush in hand and started writing landscapes.

We will remind that about the next pregnancy, the singer became known in late April. While many drew attention to the fact that Alsou began to appear in loose clothes. Later she commented on his “interesting position”. As it turned out, the singer pregnancy was unplanned, although the couple long thought about the birth of the third child.

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