Алла Пугачева показала роскошные ноги в мини-платье

The diva appeared on the celebration of the 66th anniversary of Alexander Buynova in a stylish short dress.

Alla Pugacheva recently began to give preference to seductive mini-dresses. Among the favorites of the stars – shorts, skirts and dresses above the knee. In one of these outfits, she appeared at the ceremony in honor of the birthday of his friend, Alexander Buynova.

Despite the fact that Alla Borisovna often criticized for choosing too outspoken for her age outfits, she will prefer such kits. At the party Buynova Pugachev shone in the black mini dress free cut, which she complemented concise lacquered platform shoes, long black jacket and layered with sparkling beads.

Over the past year, the image of the star has undergone a significant change. She began to look much younger than his years. This could not help but notice not only fans of celebrities, but also her colleagues. In the caption to a picture with a joint party Alexander Buinov wrote: “What a beautiful girl come to me for my birthday”. And we fully agree with him.

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