Алла Пугачева обвинила Филиппа Киркорова в плагиате Diva requires the former husband to return her thing. Alla has published in Instagram photo of the concert of Philip Kirkorov in a black and red robe, which is very similar to the one worn by Pugachev in the 80s.

The king of pop, folk artist, one of the most successful singers of pop music Philip Kirkorov – the first in the list of loyal fans of the talent of Alla. It seems no one openly worships hypnotherapy is not like Kirkorov. He was a fan of her since childhood, and when he grew up, met, got the location and got married to the beloved singer, who over his 18 years.

They were married in St. Petersburg, their marriage was registered personally by the mayor, Anatoly Sobchak. Their wedding in Jerusalem in may of 1994 wrote everything, even the most serious newspaper in the country. But the marriage broke up. After 9 years, broke up and signed the divorce papers in secret. Some time was said to close, they did not communicate. But Philip could not really live without Alla. Now they are family friends, their little children spend holidays together, and Pugacheva together with current husband Maxim Galkin goes to the recitals of the former spouse. The book continues almost in every interview to confess his love to the prima Donna, always said her absolute talent, the correct principles for the education of children, exceptional taste. And Pugacheva are increasingly being cheeky on the Loin (as she calls it).

Today Alla has published a photo in his Instagram. On it Philip on stage in a black and red robe, which is very similar to the one worn by Pugachev in the 80s.

“Phil! Give me back my hoodie!” – signed photo of Joe, and added a few toothy smiles.

Kirkorov is now on tour in Baltic States, for example, the day before he gave a great concert in Riga. As soon as I saw the post Alla, immediately replied. Promised immediately to send the Express delivery outfit were justified, they say, acted in the Lithuanian city of šiauliai, nostalgia overcame, and the concert came from the first husband of the prima Donna Mykolas ORBacus and he, Philip, wanted to please him.

“Everything, everything, Allusa, sent FEDEX from Tallinn OVERNIGHT delivery! In šiauliai “attack” of nostalgia overcame, and Mikolas in the audience would like to please and surprise memories of a beautiful youth,” wrote Philip.

Fans were delighted with the jokes Pugacheva. Thanks for lifting the mood on a Sunday morning, joking about the hoodie and its owners, justified Kirkorov for “plagiarism”: “It is love! Just loves! You and him are always side by side”, “Here’s how it happens – live with someone soul to soul, and the clothes disappears…”, “do Not collect. He really goes!”. And of course, wanted Alla Borisovna health that especially became true after her recent admission about how often she feels not very good. “This phrase all Alla. Sassy, funny, catchy. Alla, I Wish You Health. God bless you!”, – wrote fans Pugacheva. Alla Pugacheva about health: “I find it hard to breathe, but I have to live for the sake of the children”