Машков не может смириться со смертью Табакова The actor admitted that incredibly misses the teacher. Vladimir Mashkov told about the relationship with the famous artist. According to men, that tobacco was a real role model.
Машков не может смириться со смертью Табакова

Death of Oleg Tabakov was a shock not only to his many fans, but for fellow men on the stage. At the funeral of the master had gathered many of his students, including Sergey Bezrukov and Yevgeny Mironov. Attended the funeral and Vladimir Mashkov, who many called the main favorite of the famous artist.

In a recent interview Mashkov said that it really had a very close, friendly relationship with the teacher. Also the man said that the still not recovered after the sad news of the death of the apostles.

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“I have a feeling the concussion from happening. We have not yet got to grips with the idea that Oleg Pavlovich no. Differently imagined a situation in which now turned out to be. It is a profound wound. Oleg Pavlovich was active until the last day. Its theatres worked like clockwork”, – said Vladimir.
Машков не может смириться со смертью Табакова

Despite the grief, the actor continues to create. According to Mashkov, it has only recently finished filming in the new series, which will be released soon on the screen.

The man continues to work on the stage. Recently there was news that Mashkov was offered the chair of “Snuff”. However, the artist himself has not given full consent. He admitted that he has a difficult character, and even Oleg Pavlovich was sometimes difficult to endure the antics of the student.

“I am a man, obsessed with his work. Not everyone can match my obsession. I’m furious. Tobacco I could hardly stand it. He I was trained,” said the artist.

We will remind that recently it became known who will take the post of artistic Director of the theater-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. This position eventually got directed by Sergei Zhenovach. Many actors working in the theater, was unhappy with this choice. However, Mashkov supports this candidate.

Машков не может смириться со смертью Табакова
“I have hope for Zhenovach. As said the Director Rimas Tuminas: “Zhenovach’s a good man, kind. He loves people. It is very important”. But he has a difficult path ahead. And we all have to help him. It is time of unity and not of separation,” – said Mashkov.

Dealing with “KP” the actor noted that he himself offers to lead the Chekhov Moscow art theatre did not arrive. According to Mashkov, it is unlikely to be able to take on such a huge responsibility.