Алла Пугачева погрязла в скандале из-за отношения к прислуге и няням
Singer Alla Pugacheva wanted to share a touching family video, but he got himself in trouble.

Many drew attention not on the lovely Harry and Lisa, who told about their favorite candy mom Alla, and that the servants and the nurse did not sit at the same table with Alla and children, and eat in the corner at a table smaller:

“Are they not people? Why do they eat separately?”

“Attitude, as second-class citizens…”

“These people, for a moment, raise your children and wash your toilets. You could have at least not put it in the net, only to humiliate the family”

indignantly written on the web.

The editors of the site zvezdi.ru neither nannies nor maids never had. Personally, I don’t really understand these relations, when in fact strangers, so interested to hear your opinion on this matter.

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